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About Qurio


Qurio, a fully automated AI remote proctored platform built to offer transparency and ease of performing assessments. With Qurio, you can perform fully secure and authenticated tests anytime, anywhere. It is a fully-automated platform with multi-factor identity verification and has end-to-end video recording with AI-based behavior flagging. Our mission is to enable organisations to build winning teams by taking credible people decisions across. It uses a multi-layered approach to proctoring. Live proctors are augmented by AI that helps flag suspicious activity and are specifically trained to deal with potential breaches of integrity.

Our Features


AI-Powered Remote Proctoring


Multiple types of Assessments, Device & Inputs


Auto Flagging of Events


Extensive Logging of event


Extensive Audit Trails


Identifies Impersonation


One way & Two-way Proctoring


Interesting Analytics

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Link Education to Success

Use a combination of technology and nontechnology tools to improve engagement level of students, reduce dropout rates and measure learning success for our partner universities


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We work with corporates to help them build their people supply chain, help improve productivity of new hires and reduce attrition amongst employees


Link Education to Jobs

Our Workx program helps universities provide experiential learning to their students through a fine blend of online, in-class, and on-the-job trainings, helping students become employable.

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Qurio helps universities in conducting a cheat and bias free examination and at the same time offers a superior proctored online exam experience for candidates.

Government Sectors

Reduce your expenditure on test centers and inefficient manual proctoring with Qurio by conducting a fair- cheat free exam anywhere anytime.


Qurio provides a safe environment through advanced automated proctoring, robust assessment engine and video analytics for internal monitoring exams.

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